4-H Projects judged for 2013 County Fair display

On July 14, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H program evaluated over 1,500 4-H Foods, Creative Crafts, Conservation, Sewing Projects, and other non-animal exhibits. Youth throughout Chautauqua County have been working for months, and in some cases, years to create true works of art. From photography to woodworking youth projects will be displayed in the 4-H Building during the 2013 Chautauqua County Fair.

4-H youth are ages 8-19 years with varying experience levels. Cloverbuds (youth ages 5-7) are not “judged” and all Cloverbud projects are awarded a Cloverbud Ribbon. Over 25 judges spent one-on-one time with 4-H participants evaluating their projects. Judges evaluate using the Danish system. The Danish system allows judges to determine based on a 4-H’ers age and experience, if they feel that the completed project is Excellent (Blue), Good (Red), or Worthy (White).

Youth presented each of their projects to a judge in the respective department, for example; a photograph may be judged by a professional photographer. Each judge spends a few minutes with each youth determining the youth’s age, experience level, and providing encouragement and constructive criticism.

This year, 37 projects were selected to be displayed at The Great New York State Fair. County judges select projects that are exceptional for the youth’s age and experience level. These items will be on display at The Great New York State Fair, during the entire fair dates Aug. 22 to Sept. 25.

You can get a first-hand look at the exceptional projects created by Chautauqua County 4-H’ers by attending the 2013 Chautauqua County Fair, July 22-28 in Dunkirk. Youth projects are on display in the 4-H Building where there will also be children’s activities, canine demonstrations, and public presentations.

Projects selected for State Fair

Anna Valone, Canadaway, wood planter; Danyelle Harding, Fluvanna Farmyard Friends, boot jack; Robyn Banach, Canadaway, wood planter; Melinda Waag, Fredonia Fireworks, pink prom dress; Steven Overend, Levant Livewires, black jacket; Cheyanne Wolcott, Stockton Panthers, PJ’s, slippers, and pillow cover; Emily Brown, Canadaway, tin punch lantern; Emily Brown, Canadaway, tin punch picture; Sarah Osborne, Little Brokenstraws, grapevine wreath; Karleen Dash, Harmony Haystackers, shirt with butterfly; Anna Talbot, Canadaway, Butterfly tin on tree; Emily Wright, Silver Creek Graperstompers, note cards; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats, personalized plate; Katie Lawrence, Canadaway, fine arts; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, painting; Kendra Dorman, Stockton Panthers, record book; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats, record book; Megan Clark, Tail Waggers, project book; Clark Wiltsie, Frewsberg Hayseeds, repurposed glass vase; Elizabeth Johnson, Country Critters, Bag of bags; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, record light; Katie Lawrence, Canadaway, three poems; Amanda Swanson, Paws n Pals, poster-dogs; Mikayla Reynolds, Chautauqua County Trail riders, charcoal drawing; Megan Clark, Clymer Eager Beavers, painting; Kiana Vullo, Paws N Pals, shadow box; Billy Eskel, Levant Livewires, Glass etching; Katie Lawrence, Canadaway, silk scarf; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, color my word painting; Jacob Lesch, Canadaway, ceramics totem pole; Brooke Angelo, Levant Livewires, horse; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, bee quilt; Ethan Chadwick, Levant Livewires, fabric accessory; Emily Brown, Canadaway, photography – single unedited; Jacob Lesch, Canadaway, photography – single unedited; Gracie Morrison, CCJTR, photography – single unedited; Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers, photography – photo story.

Special Judges Award

Damien Meinzer, Country Critters, ceramic wizard; Kendra Dorman, Stockton Panthers, photography – three photos; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats, scrap book; Lacey Johnson, Levant Livewires, crochet blanket

Honorable Mention

Michael Johnson, Country Critters, macrame -emergency bracelet; Megan Clark, Clymer Eager Beavers, scraffitto ceramic plates; Emily Wright, Silver Creek Grapestompers, painting; Katie Lawrence, Canadaway, painting; Katrina Clugston, Country Critters, painting; Elizabeth Johnson, County Critters, macrame plant hanger; Katie Laawrence, Canadaway, photography; Irene Klemens, Silver Creek Grapestompers, photography; Megan Clark, Tail Waggers, photography; Averil DuBois, Canadaway, photography; Abigail Little, Wild Oats, clock; Sarah Anderson, Harmony Haystackers, rabbit; Dakota Meinzer, Country Critters, ceramic chess set; Taylor Young, Harmony Haystackers, owl; Melinda Waag, Fredonia Fireworks, pink quilt; Anna Talbot, Canandaway, goat poster; Emily Wright, Silver Creek Grapestompers, recycle bird feeder; Bryanna Warner, Frewsberg Hayseeds, recycle bird feeder; Tara Sweeney, Harmony Haystackers, jeans pen pack; Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers, juice bag-bag; Alexis Ruedinger, Stockton Panthers, record book; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, project book; Brenden Colvin, Crowes Corners, project book; Emily Brown, Canadaway, tin punch clock; Alexis Ruedinger, Stockton Panthers, sock monkey; Melinda Waag, Fredonia Fireworks, cake decorating; Sarah Osborne, Little Brokenstraws, cake decorating; Kendra Dorman, Stockton Panthers, cake decorating; Gracie Morrison, Chautauqua County Jr. Trailriders, tin punch; Madison Woodis, Canadaway, tin punch; Christopher King, Cherry Creek Corn Huskers, shells; Kylee Odell, Harmony Haystackers, leather book cover; Jacob Lesch, Canadaway, wood planter.

Cloverbuds Honorable Mention

Brason Frederes, Cherry Creek Cornhuskers; Katherine Fortna, Fredonia Fireworks