‘Moral issue’ taints IRS

This is an open letter to U.S. Rep. Tom Reed:

With one scandal occurring in quick succession after another – one loses count after awhile – we see that our government is corrupt, abusive, and out of control.

The U.S. Constitution, bedrock document of our Republic, plays no part in the thinking of far too many politicians and bureaucrats. Congressman Trey Gowdy said of the IRS scandal: “[I]t strikes me as a cultural, systemic, character, moral issue.” Because the problem is systemic, no amount of “fixing around the edges” will remedy the problem.

The public is frightened of its own government, especially of the IRS. Think on it, Congressman: no one in the IRS had the moral courage to speak out against the myriad squalid activities that unfolded in the media. And this is the agency that will monitor implementation of ObamaCare?!

Did you hear the shudder that passed through all our members, Congressman? The problem has been documented sufficiently by this time. Our organization – and the public – seeks your help with the cure. We urge you to be bold. Actively work to garner support from others in Congress. Already there are many who want action and change. But, ACTION MUST OCCUR! Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn proposes the cure.

Steyn links corruption with political needs: “This is a scale of depravity hitherto unknown to the tax authorities of the United States, and for that reason alone they should be disarmed and disbanded – and rebuilt from scratch with far more circumscribed powers.”

Yea, yea, say Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots. We propose that you and other Republicans introduce legislation abolishing the IRS. Replace the current cumbersome, antiquated tax code. It is open to corruption precisely because it is so horribly complex.

Steve Forbes wrote eloquently about the Flat Tax. FairTax also has articulate writers. Flat or Fair, either is far superior to the current code. Ben Crystall, Saltymoss Productions, argues: “With the FairTax, we get rid of loopholes, offshore money-laundering and Constitutional abuses. Everyone pays his ‘fair share.'” “Fair share” and “fat cats” became trite phrases President Obama touted in speech after speech around the country.

A FairTax system would give credence to his “fair share” words.

James M. Bennett, activist for FairTax, wrote that income, payroll, estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxes are replaced with a tax on all goods and services sold at retail to consumers. Business-to-business transactions are tax-free. According to Bennett, 58 members of Congress support FairTax. You represent us, Congressman. Act now!

Deann Nelson is a member of the Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots