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‘Positive vote’ a good sign


Kudos to all the yes voters on the Westfield-Brocton school districts’ merger vote. Hopefully that positive vote will only increase in numbers when the final tally vote is counted in October.

I served on the merge study committee for six months. All members of the merge committee, both Westfield and Brocton board members, and the administration were in favor of the merger. When all the data from every area of the two schools were assembled, the evidence of all the facts was clear to merge.

Westfield Academy and Central School is a very good school system. Brocton Central is also a very good school system. Putting the two systems in one can only elevate and enhance the education our area can provide to our students.

If you voted no on the merger, please contact anyone on the merger committee, school boards, or school administration so we can address your concerns.

Once again, thank you to all the positive thinkers in the Westfield and Brocton school Districts. Who knows? Maybe our newly created excellent school system will draw people to our area and spur and upsurge our housing and economy.

Thank you again.


Merger committee


Urge to sell hurts executive


We may need to hurry up and save the Dunkirk Lighthouse. The facility needs a new roof.

Who knows what will happen if the county executive were to get his hands on this piece of property. He might try to sell it.

Let’s keep our hands on it.

Remember the County Home? Despite the support to keep it, he wants to sell it. He also wants to sell the Dunkirk airport.

Many are not happy.

No wonder he is not running for re-election.