Movie to highlight human trafficking

A movie will be shown this week at the Fredonia Opera House highlighting human trafficking.

“Nefarious Merchant of Souls” will be shown at the Fredonia Opera House Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Slavery was outlawed in this country in 1863, 150 years ago and now there are over 200,000 slaves in America again; it is hard to believe, but it is true. Some of the slaves are in domestic or forced labor, but the vast majority are teenage girls brought to the United States to work in the sex industry, prostitution. This is given the euphemistic title of “human trafficking.”

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world. The only crime in the world that is larger is the sale of drugs and narcotics. Many drug pushers are leaving the drug trade to run brothels and human trafficking because the profits are much higher in prostitution or human slavery (sexual forced labor). The financial logistics are simple since drugs are sold once. Teenage girls as slaves can be sold several times a day, seven days a week for years. This is the sad and sick truth.

In many countries, especially eastern Europe, the laws against selling drugs are very severe but, the penalties for “handling” teenage girls in forced sexual labor are relatively light (jail for 20 years for drugs verses 4-7 years human trafficking). Added to this, there are four places in the world where prostitution is legal; Amsterdam (a favorite vacation spot for European college kids, among others), Thailand, Cambodia (where sexual tourism is 14 percent of the Cambodian GNP) and the state of Nevada in the USA.

The bottom line for human trafficking is that there is demand for paid sex and this demand is being fed by profiteers who work in a 54 billion dollar per year international sex industry. This is called “sexual tourism.” This industry is worked by over 28 million girls who did not volunteer for the work, mostly teenagers that have no choice in this because they were fraudulently tricked into their circumstances, sold by their parents or orphanages or simply abducted or kidnapped. There are women and young girls who turn to prostitution due to poverty, but the facts are that this is a small percentage, contrary to popular belief.

So the next logical question is how do nice girls who know the difference between right and wrong get to a point where they actually allow themselves to be sold for sex? Don’t these girls say no or fight back? These girls are literally changed or brainwashed; this is very inhuman. The process is called “seasoning” and the resulting changes in these girls is called “seasoned” or “house broken” and these terms mean that the girls will be able to work in brothels under a handler’s care of both physical and mental manipulation and beatings.

Seasoning is the process of isolating a girl in a locked cell with no outside contact, very little food, multiple beatings and rapes until they become submissive to the directions of the handlers. Escape from these seasoning facilities is nearly impossible. Old apartment buildings or old commercial buildings have been fixed up or remodeled into jail-like facilities specifically for the purpose of seasoning girls for human trafficking. The results of this seasoning after two or three weeks is a young woman or little girl who has lost her identity, self worth and is literally afraid for her life or the lives of their loved one. These girls prostitute themselves at the hands of brutal handlers or pimps directions only to stay alive. After several years, they are sold off, frequently they have vinerial diseases including the AIDS virus, so they are simply discarded. The life of these girls is simply destroyed so pimps can make big money. This is the fastest-growing crime in the world and it is going on right here in the USA.

Find out more in “Nefarious Merchant of Souls.” Tickets are $5. Adults only, 18 years of age and older.