Repowering: Governor’s ask proves a need

Need more evidence for a repowering of the NRG Energy Inc. facility in Dunkirk? It came from state Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week.

On Thursday – during the prolonged heat wave – Cuomo sent out a news release asking residents across the state to conserve energy due to the extreme amounts of electricity being used. “During this heat wave, it is understandable that many New Yorkers are staying cool indoors and turning up the air conditioning,” Cuomo said. “However, this has led to near record demand for electricity so I urge New Yorkers to proactively conserve electricity use when possible to ease the pressure on the power grid and prevent outages. As we wait for temperatures to go down, New Yorkers should take appropriate actions to stay cool and healthy.”

This request came only three days after the Public Service Commission hearing at Fredonia State University when 2,500 residents packed the Williams Center. More than 95 percent of those in attendance backed the repowering of the plant.

With the governor’s statement last Thursday, it looks as though he may see a need for more electric generation. Dunkirk is ready to help.