Westfield ed board reduced to 7 members

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Board of Educa-tion, functioning now as a 7-member board instead of a 9-member board, made quick work of its reorganizational meeting – swearing in Steve Cockram, who was re-elected to the board, selecting leadership, passing motions without dissent, and announcing members of board committees.

District Clerk Alan Holbrook called the meeting to order. He administered the oath of faithful performance to Cockram and presided over the election of the board president and vice president for the 2013-2014 school year. Jeffrey Graebell was the only nominee for president and was unanimously re-elected. Cockram was the only nominee for vice president and he was re-elected as well. Holbrook administered the oath to the newly-elected board officials.

Holbrook then turned the meeting over to Graebell who guided the meeting through the appointments and other business.

The board approved the following appointments for the 2013- 2014 school year:

Alan Holbrook as district clerk, records management officer, and school pesticide representative, in separate resolutions.

Mary Beth Pagano as district treasurer and central treasurer.

Tina Winslow to record the minutes of board meetings. Her stipend is $2,900.

Donna Sanderson as district tax collector with a stipend of $4,400.

Timothy Smith as deputy tax collector with a stipend of $150.

Donald Brautigam, MD, as school physician with a stipend of $10,700.

Jeff Swiatek of the law firm Hodgson, Russ LLP as school attorney.

Michael Corey, CPA, as school district auditor for $11,500.

Kimberly Abbey as internal claims auditor.

Ivana Hite, principal, as comptroller of extra classroom fund.

Amy Brinkley as sexual harassment complaint officer.

Randy Graham as insurance advisor.

The board authorized the following to perform specific functions:

Superintendent David Davison to certify payrolls, to give final approval for attendance at conferences, conventions and workshops (as budgeted), to apply for grants in aid as appropriate, and to approve budget transfers up to 10,000.

Holbrook as purchasing agent.

Board president, business manager, and district treasurer as official bank signatories.

Board president to sign all contacts.

Other resolutions included:

The school district will participate in free and reduced price meal program and designated the following officials: reviewing official, cafeteria manager; hearing official, superintendent, and verification official, business manager.

Depositories for school funds are the Westfield office of Community Bank, the Westfield Office of Key Bank, and J.P. Morgan of Buffalo.

School tax collection will be at the Town Office from Sept. 9 through Oct. 11. and procedure for this was approved.

The Westfield Republican and the OBSERVER were designated official newspapers.

Policies, code of ethics, and board protocol from the previous year were readopted.

The board meetings were set for the following year.

Mileage reimbursement was set to the Internal Revenue Services established rate.

Bonding will be continued for district treasurer, district clerk, district tax collector, central treasurer for extra classroom fund, internal claims auditor, and employee and commercial blanket band.

Tuition rates for the 2013-2014 are K-5 $4,395 and 6-12 $8,671.

Board members were appointed to committees as follows: Audit: Steve Cockram, Marie Edwards, Phyllis Hagen; Finance: Brenda Backus, Steve Cockram, Roger Jopek; Personnel: Brenda Backus, Marie Edwards, Phyllis Hagen; Merger: Fran Brown, Jeff Greabell, Roger Jopek.