VIPS visit the County Fair

While the rides warmed up, 4-H members showed Monday as the 132nd Chautauqua County Fair opened.

Welcoming comments were provided by Moonie Harrington, who introduced the Fair Board members.

Guests of honor to Dunkirk included Roland Johnson, who along with the Lesch family, were among the first to donate to the Chautauqua County 4-H endowment fund.

Laurie Livingston, newly named Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County, greeted guests and County Executive Gregory Edwards and Assemblyman Andrew Goodell. Representing Senator Cathy Young was Kevin Muldowney and representing Congressman Reed was Jacqueline Chiarot.

Fredonia Village Trustee Phyllis Jones showed her support along with representatives from the Chautauqua County Legislature: Dave Himelein, Rod Rogers, Tom DeJoe and Lori Cornell. Also showing their support were Vince Horrigan and Ron Johnson, who are candidates for Chautauqua County Executive.

4-H Teen Ambassadors, young leaders who are skilled, enthusiastic and have a passion for promoting 4-H, provided presentations of their animal projects in the 4-H Building .

Throughout the day 4-H members made public presentations on a variety of topics. Participants learned the research process, gained the ability to think and speak in front of a group, developed poise and self confidence and experienced “mastery,” all essential elements that enhance public speaking skills.

Presenting during the VIP tour were: Sarah Burgoun, Tessa Warner Poultry, Katelyn Miller Rabbit, Danyelle Harding Horse, Emily Brown Rabbit, Abigail O’Brien Elizabeth Comstock – Hog, Hannah Hornyak Dog, and Kendra Hockran Horse.

Monday’s Public Presentations were also provided by:

Melinda Waag Basketball Fundamentals, Andrew Waag Lord of The Rings, Claire Stokes William Howard Taft, Gwen Stokes Cross Country, Kevin Rogers Operating a Tractor Safely, Rachel McCarthy Roy Rogers and Trigger, Cassidy Logan Evolution of the Horse, Karli Gifford the Triple Crown, Rachel Harper Ear Notching in Swine, Alyssa Graziano Rabbit Showmanship, Jarod Dorman presented, Anna Talbot Pack Goat First Aid, Emily Brown Sacajawea, Stephanie Rogers Zebras, Carissa Peterson Mastering Reining, Matthew Levan 321 Launch, Riley Palmer sheep, Aubrey Cunningham Human Trafficking, and Lindsey Fuloo also provided a presentation,

For more information about the 4-H Programs or to find out how you can become a supporter of Chautauqua County 4-H, call the 4-H Office at 664-9502 Ext. 214.