Committee to study dissolving Forestville

FORESTVILLE – Trustee Ron Lineman wants to study the dissolution of the village of Forestville.

Moreover, he is willing “to put his money where his mouth is.” Lineman will forgo his stipend to apply to expenses related to the study.

On Tuesday, the board passed a resolution to create an advisory committee to study preliminary items that require consideration before dissolution can happen. The committee would report back to the village board in 60 days. The lone dissenting vote was Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson.

The original resolution was less restrictive, specifying no time frame.

Johnson expressed concern about the life of the committee. He said that in Johnson City (New York) the study might have started out with great intentions, but went on way too long.

Addressing Johnson’s concerns Village Attorney Michael Sullivan said the first steps could be done within a relatively short time frame. He recommended starting with a study of the village’s assets, liabilities (debts) and services.

He said,”Your budget is concise enough to make those recommendations.”

The board then modified the resolution to specify 60 days.

Even before the resolution was offered, County Legislator Rod Rogers had some advice.

Speaking during the public comment on agenda items he said, “Dissolution is an emotional thing. Really government is a service provider. Put together a rough draft and do some surveys.”

During the board’s discussion of the resolution, the public was allowed to speak.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said, “Weigh the pros and the cons and look at the end result. The town is not going to absorb debt. It is not going to pick up brush. The town has a different format. The town has to make a commitment. Positives and negatives have to be weighed out.”

Johnson said that he did not support dissolution but “if the village decides, so be it.” Johnson wanted the village to give the residents information on the impact.

Resident Jeanne Polisoto suggested that the former mayor of Perrysburg could come in and discuss the process.

She said, “He would have a lot of your answers.”

The committee was not appointed but some discussion had taken place with Rogers about being an ex-officio member. In addition to him, the composition suggested was one to two members from the town, two Forestville trustees, two village residents, and one member of the fire department.

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