County announces primary election candidates

MAYVILLE – Twenty-seven candidates are vying to make it through a primary onto Chautauqua County’s final ballot in November.

The Chautauqua County Board of Elections announced the list for the 2013 primary election Tuesday. The primary election will be held Sept. 10, from noon to 9 p.m. Only voters registering with the party having a primary election will be eligible to vote. Additionally, polling sites will only be open in jurisdictions with primary elections.

The following primary elections will be taking place throughout Chautauqua County:

Legislative District 5 for Democratic County Legislator: Susan L. Baldwin, D-South Dayton, against Amy L. Farnham, D-Forestville.

Arkwright town council for the Republican Party: Christopher C. Cannon, R-Fredonia, against Clinton H. Nagel, R-Forestville, and Lawrence J. Ball, R-Cassadaga.

Legislative District 16 for Republican County Legislator: Tamera M. Downey, R-Jamestown, against Ronald A. Lemon, R-Frewsburg.

Legislative District 18 for Republican County Legislator: David L. Himelein, R-Clymer, against Frederick C. Croscut, R-Sherman.

Gerry town highway superintendent for the Republican Party: Mark A. Risley, R-Sinclairville, against Brian T. Anderson, R-Gerry.

Mina town clerk for the Republican Party: Sherrie R. Tanner, R-Sherman, against Kathy A. Wolfe, R-Sherman.

Stockton town justice for the Republican Party: Mark A. Cunningham, R-Cassadaga, against Jeffrey A. Shevlin, R-Stockton, and Michael H. Myers, R-Stockton.

Stockton town justice for the Conservative Party: Jeffrey A. Shevlin, C-Stockton, against Mark A. Cunningham, C-Stockton.

Legislative District 7 for Working Party Legislator: Thomas S. DeJoe, W-Brocton. There will be an opportunity to ballot for this primary.

Arkwright town council for the Independence Party: Clinton H. Nagel, I-Forestville, against Lawrence J. Ball, I-Cassadaga. There will be an opportunity to ballot for this primary.

Portland highway superintendent for the Independence Party: Ronald L. Delcamp, I-Portland, against Charles E. Kelley Jr., I-Portland.

Stockton town justice for the Independence Party: Jeffrey A. Shevlin, I-Stockton, against Mark A. Cunningham, I-Cassadaga.

Absentee ballot applications are available online at They are now being accepted from primary election voters. Questions regarding primaries can be directed to the Board of Elections at 753-4580.