Two men unfit to lead a city

Ethics, responsibility and a moral compass. It is what constituents normally demand from those who represent them in government, but the New York City races seem to have taken a step backward.

Running for mayor, former Congressman Anthony Weiner is in the news again for some of his tasteless texting of the past. While the revelations were announced, a devoted wife stood by his side and reiterated the matter was “between us.”

Also in the Big Apple, Eliot Spitzer has re-emerged as candidate for city comptroller. Spitzer, who took no prisoners while holding the office of attorney general, believes he has put his pricey prostitutes in the past and is ready to watch over some major finances.

Get real. These two men who believe they are above the law are ready to serve the largest city in the nation?

Unfortunately, America is too forgiving in some cases. Forgiveness in these two cases, however, adds power for two men who have no self control.

Voters would be sadly mistaken to give that power back to them.