Twenty years ago – 1993

The all-new Tom’s Family Restaurant (the former Demetri’s Restaurant) on Routes 5 and 20 in Irving, is open for business. The new owner is Tom Daniels, who brings 10 years of experience as a sous chef on the S.S. Constitution cruise ship of Honolulu. Tom’s features many of Demetri’s classic Greek favorites as well as freshly-baked desserts and pastries.

Thirty years ago – 1983

In an OBSERVER photo, Brocton residents Mary Drozdiel and Dave Bentham display the 15-pound channel catfish Mary caught her first time fishing yesterday morning, an hour after obtaining a fishing license. The catfish measured 31 1/2 inches and was caught in Lake Erie near Brocton.

Forty years ago – 1973

According to an announcement from the New York State Department of Transportation, a rural transit system, which may serve as a model for statewide application, will be developed for Chautauqua County.

Fifty years ago – 1963

The Church Roadside Stand in Sheridan will be open with Ruth DeLand in charge. Donations of baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables will also be accepted.