‘Right to Work’ unfair to labor


The Right to Work law should never have been passed. It is unfair to labor and a unionized plant. We have been told it gives a man who will work for less the right to work in a unionized plant. It does not tell the full facts!

This law allows him to work in a unionized plant and have the right to not pay union dues but gives him the right to all the union privileges, such as higher wages, union representation, vacations with pay, etc. that union representatives have acquired. This law should rightfully be called “The Right to Freeload Law” and in my opinion, it should never have been passed. A plant that works under this law is less organized and less harmonious due to the resentment among the workers.

Unions have been criticized and been shunned by campaigns for ages, and wrongfully. Unions have given workers a safer plant with better working conditions, increased wages, vacations with pay, retirement benefits, a higher standard of living, health benefits (but now they may have to pay for that at this present time), and also a more harmonious place to work.

Workers in this country have all contributed to the welfare of this country but have not received the respect that they deserve. Companies prosper from their loyalty and ought to be glad to share the profits with them.

Unions are still active and are now working to help workers in many countries who have people who are working long hours at low wages to improve their way of living and are unionizing. Unions are not a thing of the past.

At the present time retired people including steelworkers have formed a group supporting them. It is called “SOAR” (Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees). These organizations support the unions and are forming all over the United States to help them with their problems. Dunkirk is fortunate to have one.

You can join us to support unions. You do not have to be a retired steelworker. All are welcome to join. We have scheduled meetings at the Steelworkers’ Union Hall at Columbus Avenue. If interested, join us to learn more about our activities.


retired steelworker,