The ‘Golden Rule’ will always apply

Every day the mailman brings all kinds of mail. Mostly it is letters asking for money. Today I got my share of those and also two very different letters. One was a card from a woman I’ve known as a customer we had for years. She thanked me for all of the good that I do. The other was from a man. It sounded like a man, but he didn’t have the guts to sign his name. He hates my column and everything I write. Well, I’ve got good news for him – he doesn’t have to read my column. He can just omit Saturday’s paper. I’ve been writing the column for over ten years and I’ve never gotten a letter like this, so I can’t really complain. I wonder though, does he know how much he says about himself every time he slams me? He sounds hateful and mean. Well, that’s his problem. He’s entitled.

My father used to say, “When people criticize you, just remember, not even Jesus could satisfy everybody!” I can just hear him say, “For crying out loud! She’s comparing herself to Jesus!” Hardly – I’m comparing people. Subject closed.

Lately I’ve been so disgusted with the government. Where are our intelligent and moral leaders? Lately, I’ve gotten more calls and letters for money and impeachment, etc. My problem is I want to throw them all out! We need a new government, one that cares realistically, one that helps people to help themselves. We need to teach people the joy of accomplishment! We need to help people to help themselves. Lobbyists should be outlawed! They get control of the money, and then they control the people. It’s bad!

I can remember when we used to take tourists to Europe, and the Europeans used to love us! On our last trip three years ago an Italian lady asked one of our girls, “American?” When she answered yes, the woman spit at her. Every time I tell that story, it makes me sad! Everybody is for himself. Our politics are giving our country a bad name. What’s so bad about allowing each candidate the same amount of money to be spent for each election? Success should not depend on who has the most money to spend to indoctrinate the people!

Let’s go back to the original fathers of our Constitution. George Washington and his friends were all aristocrats. On second thought, I don’t know for sure if all of them were, but most of them were. They kept the power for a long time. Now money is power and control. It shouldn’t be that way. How do we get back the respect this country should have all over the world? What right do we have trying to tell other countries how to run themselves? Let’s look at our neighbors instead of countries. Let’s say they aren’t bringing up their children the way we are bringing up ours. Do we have the right to tell them how to bring up their children? I don’t think so.

Let’s say our neighbors (parents and children) don’t go to any church. Do we have the right to tell them they have to go to church, preferably our church? Of course not! So what makes us think we have the right to poke our noses into other people’s (and other countries’) business?

I read not so long ago that we got involved in the Spanish American War through a bunch of lies. We attacked Spain because it was weak and we could win the war.

We got involved in the war in Iraq through a bunch of lies that were told. Now how do we get out of there? Let’s leave quietly. Never mind our pride! We are spending a fortune daily! That money can be used productively to fix up our own country!

Let’s look at our own values! Let’s live right. We have the answers. The “Golden Rule” still works! Prayer still works. We’re different, but some principles remain the same.

Have a great life!

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments on this column to