Trustee makes it tough in Forestville


It is time to set matters straight regarding the snowmobile bridge on Mixer Road.

When the Cherry Creek Snowmobile Club constructed the bridge over Tupper Creek, I did not own the property. Trustee Ron Lineman was well aware of this because he contacted the owner of the property about the bridge on several occasions.

Your statement at the June Forestville board meeting was incorrect.

I purchased the property after the bridge was under construction. The village of Forestville paid $5,000 to have the property surveyed as a result of you, once again, suing the village. The Army Corps of Engineers, lawyers, state troopers, and a judge spent a great deal of time and money on your lawsuit. In the end, the bridge was deemed acceptable to be there and is in the town of Hanover. Unfortunately, the flood of 2010 washed the bridge away. It’s 2013, let’s move forward.

As one of the few businesses in the village of Forestville, I pay taxes, take pride in my property, and do not disrupt the neighborhood.

Yet Mr. Lineman, you seem to have a personal vendetta against me.

What a great place Forestville could be if people like you spent as much time doing positive things for the community as they do negative things. If you truly care for our village, put your energy in matters of present concern.

There are many.


owner, Robin’s Nest,