City not far from Detroit


Take a good look at Detroit! This is what Dunkirk will look like if NRG closes!

Even bailing out the auto industry that is left in Detroit has not saved it.

Dunkirk has seen the same thing happen here – loss of industry, and people moving, empty buildings and houses. It is time for us to demand our leaders stop this hemorrhaging.



Area youth leagues a hit


As the Little League season comes to a close, I would just like to thank all those involved who make youth baseball and softball in this area possible. Many volunteers spend hundreds of hours preparing the kids for a successful season, including coaches, concession stand workers, umpires and many more.

Many local leagues take great pride and do a fantastic job putting together a program that is structured and organized. This season we had a few changes, with the addition of the Senior Division and a few added tournaments. In all, District 38 Little League organized about 75 tournament games.

Teams traveled here from Orchard Park, Wellsville, Auburn and Rochester. Fredonia Little League had teams travel to Rochester, Fishkill, Cuba and Long Island to compete. Special thanks to the Hanover Little League for hosting about 30 of these tournament games, Chad Bongiovanni for assigning umpires to over 150 Little League games, Dan Palmer and his staff at WDOE for broadcasting a few games and the Dunkirk OBSERVER for the press coverage.


Little League District 38 administrator,

Silver Creek