Fredonia: Quick trigger on purchases

At the same meeting the village of Fredonia did not want to discuss potential lower water rates for its users, trustees did not have any reservations about pulling $17,000 out of the coffers for a vehicle purchase.

The pickup truck was approved for the Department of Public Works after village Supervisor Jack Boland said the current truck was falling apart. Boland, however, is no whiz when it comes to inventory.

In January, when the village hired two workers, Boland was asked by the board how many employees were currently working in the department. He, remarkably, did not know. Later, defying wisdom, the board approved the hiring of two workers even though the supervisor did not know what these new employees would be doing.

There you have it, readers.

If it means saving village residents’ money – such as lower water rates through a regional water district, village trustees would rather talk for numerous meetings about the “what ifs” and potential negatives for the village government. They refuse to even consider the other side: the benefits of lower water rates for the region.

But if the decision involves the spending taxpayer dollars to operate the village, it is a quick decision with little thought and discussion because one of their appointed leaders said so.

Ultimately, the money they spend – or save – is not their own. This mindset leads to reckless and careless decisions.