Keep water plans ‘going’

Fredonia may not be the only stick in the mud.

In the past month, the city of Dunkirk has thrown the caution flag in regard to the regional water district proposal as members of the Common Council have tabled resolutions in the last two meetings. Just like the village, when looking at the big picture, city leaders have shown fear in taking a step of progress.

And just like Fredonia, this never happens when the city has a spending plan or purchase on the table.

But those with questions regarding the proposed district are welcome to attend a 4:30 p.m. meeting today in city hall. “There’s a lot out there that I know council and myself, we’re just not comfortable with without having more discussions, without working out those final details,” Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce said. “I’m willing to keep doing that, I think those are conversations we must keep having. If it works out that would be wonderful. We really need to just keep going with this, keep having the conversations, but in the meantime the grant should be worked on outside of that.”

Dolce is absolutely correct. This grant proposal must move forward.