Two societies in America


The recent George Zimmerman trial in Florida points to the fact that in parts of this country there are two societies; one black, one white. This court case makes the point

If a black man followed, by car, a white boy walking down the street, then called the police and they told him do not follow. He continues to follow, then gets out of the car, with a gun, confronts the white boy, they fight and the white boy is shot by the black man. What would the result be?

This is what happened to Trayvon Martin. The shooter claims he was afraid for his life. Only in the south could this be believed. He stalked, confronted and then killed a black teenager who, was totally innocent. He had the right, as you and I do, to walk the street as a free American citizen without fear of being killed.

In this country, the black population has suffered legal lynchings for over 150 years. If you were black, would you trust the justice system to protect you? If your son were Trayvon Martin and he was shot by a cop wannabe, how would you feel?

There is a terrible disconnect in this country and I fear that it is mainly racial and economic. Poor people do not get equal protection in the courts and all too often poor people of color get less.

Everyone in this country has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And that includes walking in any neighborhood without the fear of being shot and killed.