Barmore plan shortens DMV waiting time

Chautauqua County Clerk candidate Larry Barmore is proposing an online appointment option for the Department of Motor Vehicle offices.

“People use the internet every day and scheduling an appointment online would be a win-win for both the customer and the staff,” Barmore said. “By scheduling an appointment online people would be able to set a time that is convenient for them and more time-consuming transactions could be spread out during the day so staff could better serve all the customers.”

Barmore also noted online scheduling would be extremely beneficial during snowmobile season when visitors are coming in from other states and need to register their snowmobiles before they ride.

“As it is, the Mayville DMV office is open on Saturdays for a limited time during snowmobile season to accommodate people from other areas, but it can be hit and miss. Sometimes they’re swamped and other times they’re very slow. By scheduling an appointment online the DMV office would be able to accommodate everyone who needed assistance and reduce the hours they’re open on those Saturdays so we’re not wasting valuable personnel hours,” Barmore said.

A reservation system for more time-consuming transactions will help free up personnel for the quicker transactions in the early spring as well, when there’s an influx of registrations and renewals for boats, motorcycles, classic cars, campers and trailers.

“We want to encourage people to use our DMV offices because our county keeps 12.7 percent of every transaction processed by our staff,” Barmore said. “People have to come to the office for the more difficult transactions that take time, but we need them to use our office for the easier transactions too so we can keep part of that money right here in Chautauqua County.”

Online appointment scheduling at the DMV offices has been used successfully in other areas of the country to enhance efficiencies in the office and provide better customer service.

“People would still be able to just stop into the DMV office, but offering the option to schedule an appointment online for selected transactions that require more time would be a benefit to everyone,” Barmore said.

Barmore, a Chautauqua County Legislator living in Gerry, has more than 40 years business experience owning and managing Gay Mark Tire & Wheel in Cassadaga. As a legislator, he was instrumental in helping to launch the Renew Locally campaign for the DMV in 2008 that helped generate an additional $150,000 in revenue that year alone.

Larry Barmore