School lunch prices going up in Brocton

BROCTON – Students in the Brocton Central School District will see a price increase in the cafeteria this upcoming school year.

Prices will increase $0.10 for all lunches, the minimum increase for this year. Business Executive Betty DeLand said the reason for increases is federal demands. The federal government wants all districts to increase lunch prices to match the federal reimbursement rate, which is currently over $2.50.

“The federal government wants to bring the paid lunch prices up to their federal reimbursement rate which is $2.66 per meal, which is crazy. There are a lot of districts going up a certain amount every year, so they’re raising it steadily until it gets to that $2.66. We’re going to raise it by 10 cents which is the minimum this year,” said DeLand. “I just feel because of that, all these kids are just going to bring their lunch.”

The resolution passed unanimously by the Board of Education. The new prices are $1.45 for breakfast, $1.85 for grades K-5 lunch and $1.95 for grades 6-12 lunch.

The reduced meal rate did not increase and is $0.25.

The district also entered into an agreement to participate in the National School Lunch, School Breakfast Program and the Special Milk Program for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent John Hertlein also provided an update on the capital project. He brought several change orders to the board to approve. These change orders were for installing new cleanout covers for sanitary pipes; additional rails for kitchen air vents; installing new valves in “C” Wing sinks; and additional heating, ceiling and pipe repairs for the vocal music room. Hertlein said the vocal music room repairs were an architect’s oversight and the district also got a credit of $600 because the air separators did not need to be replaced. The total change order came to $24,170 excluding the credit.

Hertlein also gave an update on the heat exchangers for the district. The current ones are 10 years old and will have to be replaced within four years. Since there will be work being down in the boiler room with the capital project, the engineers recommended replacing the two pieces of equipment now. The cost would be $7,000 apiece plus about $2,000 for installation.

“It only makes sense to me to spend $14,000 now when you have a project. We still have $600,000 in the contingent budget,” Hertlein said.

The board will discuss the matter at a later meeting and will talk with the project engineer. No action was taken at this time. The board will meet again on Aug. 21 at 6 p.m. to first tour the building then conduct a regular meeting.

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