Dog-gone competitive but fun

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County 4-H Dog Advisory Committee and leaders have been announced. Dog members that qualified for the State Fair at the Dog Fun Show at the County Fair.

The youth have exhibited Rally’O, Obedience, Agility, and Grooming and Handling techniques. Of the 31 youth members and the 36 dogs that showed this season, 23 members with 28 dogs will represent Chautauqua County at the State Fair Aug. 28-29.

The Year-End County Dog Program results are as follows:

Obedience – All Obedience Classes Qualify for State Fair (Aug. 28)

Beginners A Obedience, Grand Champion Kyle Hungerpord, with Reserve Grand Champion Jubal Samuelson.

Beginners B Obedience, 1st Abigail Little, 2nd Logan Holthouse, 3rd Danielle Yotpolis.

Graduate Beginners A, 1st Anna Valone, 2nd Dalton Holthouse, 3rd Rebekah Anderson.

Graduate Beginners B, Grand Champion Danielle Yotpolis, Reserve Grand Champion Chance Meeder.

Novice A Obedience, 1st Taylor Young, 2nd Catherine Oag, 3rd Emma Wiggers.

Novice B Obedience, Grand Champion Cristen Lookenhouse, with Reserve Grand Champion Danielle Yotpolis.

Advanced Novice, 1st Rebekah Anderson, 2nd Hewitt Meeder, and 3rd Kayla Nefedov.

Grooming and Handling

Qualified for State Fair (Aug. 29)

Open A Grand Champion Hannah Hornyak and Reserve Abigail Little

Open B Junior Grand Champion Maggie Jones and Reserve Logan Holthouse.

Open B Senior Grand Champion Catherine Oag and Reserve Taylor Young.

Open C Grand Kayla Nefodov, Reserve Meghan Clark.

Obedience, Four-Person Team, State Fair Qualified (Aug. 28)

Grand Champions: Cristen Lookenhouse, Taylor Young, Catherine Oag, Megan Clark, and alternate Danielle Yotpolis.

Obedience, Brace Team, State Fair Qualified (Aug. 28)

Grand Champion Elise Schack participates with her West Highland Terriers Tucker and Bella


Off-Lead Members Qualified for State Fair (Aug. 28)

Pre-Novice Agility, Grand Champion Elise Schack, reserve Kayla Nefodov, 3rd Danielle Einfeldt

Novice Agility, Grand Champion Hannah Hornyak, with Reserve Grand Champion Taylor Young, 3rd Nicole Schack.

Excellent Agility, Grand Champion Hewitt Meeder and Reserve Elise Schack.

Open Class- Grand Champ – Megan Clark.

On-lead participants are not eligible for State Fair

Puppy Class, 1st Place Logan Holthouse, 2nd Danielle Yotpolis, 3rd Taylor Young

Rally Obedience – All Rally Obedience Classes Qualify for State Fair (Aug. 29)

Novice A (On-Lead), Grand Champion Kyle Hungerford, Reserve Kaylee Hodge, 3rd Jubal Samuelson.

Novice B (On-Lead), Grand Champion Megan Hiller, Reserve Cristen Lookenhouse, 3rd Danielle Einfeldt.

Advanced (Off-Lead), Grand Champion Taylor Young, Reserve Maggie Jones, 3rd Danielle Yotpolis.

Excellent (Off-Lead), Grand Champion Megan Clark, Reserve Cristen Lookenhouse, 3rd Hewitt Meeder