Just beach-y

Building a sand castle with a strong wind coming off the lake can be a challenge. But Saturday during the sixth annual Chadwick Bay Beach Bash at Wright Park, Todd Pangborn overcame that difficulty to win the sand castle contest.

Pangborn, a Jamestown resident, began sculpting his castle around 11 a.m. From there, he worked until the end of the time limit, at 6 p.m.

Once he stepped away from his work and wiped his hands of sand, the judges came over to award him first place. The judge commented on his incredible work and thanked him for coming to participate.

Speaking about the castle, Pangborn said that it was not his first choice.

“It was originally going to be a guy sitting in a lounge chair reading a newspaper with a great dane sitting beside him,” Pangborn said. “I packed it up with the forms and it was not going to work.”

Pangborn was awarded $100 for placing first.

On-lookers marveled as they made their way over to the sand castle. Many were fascinated with the fine detail that Pangborn put into his creation. The steps leading along side the castle were precise with fine edges and the windows were symmetrical. Some individuals could not believe how real the sculpted rocks really looked.

Second place was awarded to the Woelfle family, of Dunkirk, who made a seahorse. The family started between 11:30 a.m. and noon on their piece. Eight people worked throughout the day on the large and detailed seahorse. Some sculpted while others found rocks and sea shells to decorate the seahorse. They, too, continued to water down their work throughout the day to keep it intact.

Commenting on the windy conditions, Adam Woelfle said, “We’ve had a few more breaks than normal. It’s been harder, we got to keep it a lot wetter than normal due to the fact that the wind was drying it out. But it hasn’t been too bad for us.”

Sam Reuben, of Sheridan, one of the other participants in the contest, sculpted an octopus in approximately two hours. Other sand sculptures that could be seen were a shark, a turtle and a volcano.

The sand castle contest was not the only event taking place at the beach bash. The band, US, performed classic rock and blues to a full crowd in the afternoon. They sang works from the Rolling Stones and George Harrison. Several people went up to the front by the stage to dance and sing along. Events at the bash concluded with a Bruce Springsteen tribute band, Jersey.

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