Fredonia must follow city’s lead


Fredonia’s officials need to take a page from the good governance playbook exhibited by the city of Dunkirk when the city moved quickly to hold a public meeting on a critical resolution this past week. The resolution would support the county being named lead agency in a $38 million grant application to help defray costs in developing a North County Water District.

The idea of a regional water district is essential if we are to maintain competitiveness in a global economy and to take advantage of our greatest natural resource, Lake Erie, in this time of global climate change.

As communicated by the OBSERVER, the naming of the lead agency in this application is a necessary step in showing a coordinated effort in exploring how to make this vital piece of 21st century infrastructure a reality. It in no way binds the village to anything without further talks and agreements.

Yes, there are many questions that need to be addressed but now is not the time to go into details. Now is the time to act as a united front for the benefit of all who live and work in the Chadwick Bay region.

Village residents should contact their village trustees and the mayor and voice displeasure with the village’s misguided obstinacy and demand a special public hearing and a special meeting of the board of trustees regarding this resolution so Fredonia is not the sole government entity not on board and the grant application can be filed on time.