Village has power to help

Information, they say, is a two-way street.

So while we offer plaudits to Fredonia village attorney Sam Drayo for attending last week’s meeting on the proposed funding for a $38 million north county water district, we do not agree with his message.

“This may be a great thing and it may have some major errors in it, but we need the information,” Drayo said last week. “We need to look at your recommendations and why you’re recommending this, what are the reasons for it. We haven’t seen it, we’ve just seen spread sheets; that’s all we have in Fredonia, spread sheets.”

Fortunately, County Executive Greg Edwards set the record straight on the village. The municipality is the only one that has not supplied information sought by the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. since February.

So if the village believes it’s being short-changed on information, it is just as guilty when looking at the total picture.

Edwards then added the urgency to what is desperately needed. “The reality is what we’re asking Dunkirk tonight, whether or not they’re supporting the request for dollars, is the same question others asked in Fredonia. Are you interested in assisting in some grant dollars?”

Can Fredonia and its Village Board approve an application to be a part of a grant for a future water district? We hope so.

If the village does not – and so many other entities have done so already – it almost seems hostile.

Neighboring entities will have to remember this next time the Fredonia reservoir goes dry. That is not a question of if, but rather when.