BROCTON – With the illumination of the refurbished Brocton Arch, and the hustle and bustle of the recent Portland Bicentennial Cele-bration and Alumni Reunion Week-end, village leaders have set an official date for the Arch Time Capsule to be filled, sealed and buried.

The time capsule was originally part of the program on July 11, the evening the Arch was relighted. With a large crowd estimated in the hundreds, and many waiting in line just to pen their name to the time capsule, Mayor Dave Hazelton decided to leave the capsule open to give everyone the opportunity to sign it, or donate contents, especially with many former residents being in town for the weekend.

During their recent village board meeting, the mayor reminded residents and businesses to please submit anything they wish to have placed in the time capsule to the Village Clerk’s Office as soon as possible. Anyone still wishing to sign the capsule will have until Wednesday at 6:15 p.m. to do so, and on that date, prior to the board’s public hearing and meeting times, the capsule will be officially sealed and buried.

Village Clerk, Karen Ardillo officially thanked the board of trustees for allowing her to be a part of the arch restoration project and expressed her thanks to outpouring of community residents that were in attendance last Thursday to see the lighting.

“Just to comment on our arch lighting, it was truly exciting to be a part of and experience,” echoed the mayor.

In other matters, Trustee Gary Planty reported on successful attendance by area youth for the fourth week of the Summer Recreation Program. Averaging approximately 25 young people per day, the program joined with the Westfield Recreation Department’s Summer Recreation program this year, as construction taking place at Brocton Central School disrupted the usual program for Brocton.

Planty also reported to board members about a recent find that could benefit the village’s utility services. Planty discovered a New York State Emergency Management grant opportunity that could fund an additional electrical transformer at 75 percent of the cost share should the village be awarded the grant.

“We may need to elect a committee to work on this, and of course talk tour electric lineman, Joe (Majkowski) more about this, but this program is specifically seeking proposals for back up power equipment used by a municipality. We certainly qualify by redundancy, if our transformer failed, we would need the other to carry service to the village,” explained Planty.

The trustee agreed to seek more information on the opportunity so that the village of Brocton could put in an official letter of intent for the potential award.

Concerning the recent public information session on the repowering of NRG, Trustee J. Dale Abram expressed his thanks to the OBSERVER for getting the word out and for the large turnout of community residents and officials.

The trustee noted “It was really a tremendous response of people in attendance, and after listening to the elected officials who were in attendance speak, I feel a lot more optimistic about the situation.”

The board of trustees will meet again on Wednesday. The board has slated a 6:15 ceremony to officially bury the time capsule, which will be followed by a 6:30 p.m. public hearing on grant opportunities available for Main Street projects and the board’s regular meeting will commence at 7 p.m.