How to boost America’s values

We are all concerned about our children’s safety. That is a given.

Stress the positives. Promote and embrace the laws of our country, including its amendments. Don’t push for more laws against them.

As a child in America growing up in this area, myself and my classmates learned something simple and basic for solving a problem: stop, look, listen.

We need much more research into hearing and responding to stigmas (define what a stigma is). These stigmas are being placed on groups that are in need of positive influence NOT ignorance and shunning.

Yes, research into understanding the mentally ill, slavery, immigration is needed. Personally, teaching others to accept them, love them and not blame them for how God made them is necessary before a “life of crime” etc. begins.

What happened to the guy at Sandy Hook before the tragedy at Sandy Hook occurred?

Lawmakers and others should be willing to undergo psychiatric evaluations. What happened to truth, justice and the American way? Loopholes in the law? Is that in our Constitution?

The good people, the good Samaritans are out there in society. You must stand tall for truth because the rest will happen.

Keep it simple and basic:

Freedom of Religion: Defend their rights to love their God, i.e. the Catholics belief regarding abortions has been taken from them.

Freedom of the Press: (as long as it is the TRUTH)

Freedom of Speech for everyone – it is an individual right for every American citizen being taken away.

The young new immigrants and other Americans DO NOT KNOW things about our country that they should know.

1. Immigrants have always needed to change/lie about their nationalities to avoid mistreatment … Why?

2. Everyone coming into this country had to learn English.

3. Our forefathers (who were our families) were protecting us against invasions through the amendment of The Right to Bear Arms.

4. It was once said: “America; love it or leave it.”

5. People came to America to get away from oppression. What is happening now?

6. Did you know about volunteers in service to America? It is simply VISTA.

Three American quotes:

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Be proud to be an American. Stick to the program. Support. Be good workers, good Samaritans. Push the positives.

I am thankful this letter was delivered to its addressee: President Barack Obama.

Pauline Burbee is a Fredonia resident.