Another one for the wrecking ball in city

Another house in the city of Dunkirk is getting nearer to a visit from a demolition crew.

A house at 66 E. Second St. is joining at least two other city properties, including ones at 128 Lincoln Ave. and 79 W. Doughty St., likely to not see another winter.

The Dunkirk Local Devel-opment Corporation ac-quired 66 E. Second St. in 2008 when it was purchased for $1 from Vincent Bona-sera, according to records in the city assessor’s office.

Neratko told the DLDC Board of Directors recently that there have been reports of people and animals inhabiting the property.

“There’s been some ongoing issues regarding rodents and other animals in the building. … It is on our short list of properties to demolish and once we do that, we could offer it to neighboring property owners,” he explained. “There has been some interest from at least one, possibly two, … basically as an addition to their yard.”

Neratko said he would try to get the building boarded up but due to its poor condition it would be tough. He added the cost of demolition would probably be $20,000 to $30,000.

“It is an issue for the neighbors, … we do need to work on the property,” he added.

According to assessment records, the property is valued at $6,500.

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