Top Dunkirk yards of the week spotlighted

The yards of the week program, an all-volunteer effort to recognize community residents whose yards and porches show special care and brighten the neighborhoods with flowers and neatly groomed or exceptional landscaping, has been under way again for the fourth year.

Signs are placed in the recognized yard for one week and names with addresses are listed in the OBSERVER if the home owner agrees to the listing.

This year we are lacking coordinating garden scouts for Wards One and Three, which explains why gardens are not being recognized in these areas. Driving around the city, it is clear that there are many wonderful yards to be appreciated.

Please call to volunteer as a coordinating garden scout in one of these areas so we can fully represent the entire city.

If you want to alert yards of the week volunteers of a garden to be recognized, please call Skeeter Tower at 366-3738 in Ward Two or Alex Uszacki in Ward Four at 366-1031.

Many thanks to Sam Mancuso from the first ward who has offered his services the last two years in the first ward ,Michele Bautista and Pat Sysol who were scouts in the third ward last year, and James Tingue who covered the Fourth ward last year.

Volunteers from any ward are welcome and needed to make sure every part of the city is represented .

Last week, Ed and Mary Beth Schober at 29 W. Fourth St. and Mike and Lori Mleczko at 422 Swan St. were acknowledged in the Second Ward. Fourth Ward recipients were Mike and Cynthia Kuzara at 421 Bucknor St. and Jacquelyn Lakas at 252 Lincoln Ave. Apt 2.

Thanks to all who make that extra effort to keep Dunkirk beautiful.