Piling up: another accident at Route 60 and Williams Street

A two-car accident at the intersection of Williams Street and Route 60 in the town of Dunkirk Thursday afternoon resulted in apparent injuries.

Preliminary observations seemed to indicate a car pulled out of the intersection from Williams Street around 3 p.m. and failed to yield the right of way to an SUV, which crashed into the passenger’s side of the car and caused extensive damage to the vehicle. The car had to be towed away at the site.

The OBSERVER attempted to find out specific details regarding the crash but an accident report was not on file at the State Police Barracks at Fredonia. More information on the accident will be in Saturday’s edition.

The State Police, Alstar Ambulance and the East Dunkirk Fire Department assisted at the scene.

Over the past few years, residents have complained about the 60 and Williams intersection, which seems to attract a lot of accidents.

According to the OBSERVER’s website, there have been at least eight accidents at that intersection in the last four years.

During a recent board meeting, the Dunkirk Town Board discussed the high volume of accidents there. Board members questioned whether it was possible to install a traffic control device, such as a red light or a turning lane, to assist with traffic flow.

Dunkirk Town Supervisor Richard Purol, who was at the scene of the accident with the East Dunkirk Fire Department, said previous board members have tried to take some sort of action on the issue.

“They requested (action) quite a few times when crews were re-building Route 60 and (the state) said because of the (amount of) traffic, there was enough (in place),” he said. “However, now, with the Millennium Parkway that’s going to go right through Route 60, I think we’re going to see increased traffic.”

Millennium Parkway is a proposed project which calls for providing a more direct truck route from the Thruway interchange up to the business and commercial area along Progress Drive and Middle Road.

Purol said he is not too optimistic a red light will be installed at 60 and Williams due to the cost of one approaching $100,000. Also, the town does not have its own electric company or a department to maintain a traffic light there, so any traffic light would have to come from the state or a private individual.

Despite those reasons, Purol said he is still willing to ask the state for either the light or a turning lane in a letter to the New York State Department of Transportation. He said he is hoping for the turning lane, at least.

“I would like them to at least consider something. This is just one of many accidents we’ve had there over the years and we get a lot of complaints from the neighbors,” he said. “I can see there’s certain times of the day that makes it tough there. Sometimes they’re sitting there for a long time because they can’t even get out.”

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