Johnson calls for new leadership in water district funding discussion

Fredonia businessman Ron Johnson, endorsed Democratic and Independence party candidate for County Executive, today called for a new leadership approach for the north county water district.

“My opponent for county executive has been part and parcel of county government’s leadership failures for the proposed north county water district,” Johnson said. “As a businessman I understand the need to communicate with all of the parties. The follow through and the communication missteps of the past seven years can’t continue.”

“I fully support the idea of seeking grant funding to study for a Chadwick Bay North County Water District that will provide a dependable source of water for our current and future employers, and all of our citizens. That being said, it’s hard work being a leader and communication is key to working out these kinds of deals.”

“The questions and concerns posed by Village of Fredonia officials could have been avoided if the time had been taken to clarify the process and the expectations of the grant application.”

“Voters expect that the county executive provide the leadership on critical infrastructure issues like this north county water district project,” Johnson said. “Part of leadership is bringing all the parties together to fully understand the parameters of opportunities to collaborate on grant applications and to seek solutions to long-standing challenges. A leader should not publicly dismiss concerns from local government leaders about a grant application that needs support from all government entities in the north county region.”

“As County Executive I will be the kind of leader who is not only present, but engaging and working with all elected officials to work for the betterment of the county,” Johnson concluded.

Johnson is the owner and operator of Johnson Adult Homes in Fredonia. He was the lead developer of Fredonia Place and has turned around five different assisted living facilities in New York and Florida. Johnson is a combat veteran of the Vietnam conflict, a former Pomfret Town Justice and a retired Chautauqua County deputy sheriff.