4-H Chautauqua County Fair awards presented

Outstanding youth were recognized for their efforts in each project area and for the dedication and commitment to 4-H throughout the week of the Chautauqua County Fair.

The first category awarded was on behalf of the Chautauqua County Fair Scholarship Award went Roberta Starceski, and the New York State Fair Award to Emily Markham. The NYS Farm Bureau Awards presented by Heather Woodis for Barn Decoration and Education Displays went to the Beef Barn and the Goat Barn, and their annual scholarship went to Roberta Starceski.

Each year, Chautauqua County 4-H presents three very special awards to outstanding 4-H members. Adult Barn Superintendents are asked to nominate young people in their barn or area for these prestigious awards. The following criteria are considered for these awards:

The following criteria are considered for these awards: Sportsmanship, kindness, communication skills, trustworthiness, responsibility, ethics, initiative, positive role model to others, helpful and have diverse interests.

These nominees should exemplify the four-fold development of 4-H: head, heart, hands and health.

The Best All Around 4-H Member Award in memory of Kazan Mosher is sponsored by Laing Gro Fertilizer of Eden in memory of Kazan Mosher, a longtime Chautauqua County 4-H member for South Dayton. The award is given to the person chosen as the outstanding 4-H member at the County Fair. The Kazan Mosher Award was started to honor longtime 4-Hers for their participation and contribution to 4-H at the Fair.

This year’s award nominees are: Kendra Hockran, Alyssa Crandall, Lynanne Wooley, Abigail O’Brien and Kayla Nefodov. The Best All Around 4-H member in memory of Kazan Mosher is Abigail O’Brien. This 4-H member has been involved in 4-H for the past 7 years and attends Cassadaga Valley High School. She has been highly involved in the Goat Program for the past 7 years and Hog program for the last 5 years. This is her first year in the Heifer project and first year in the Wild Oats 4-H Club. Along with her busy 4-H schedule, she is very active in school activities. She has served one year as her FFA Chapter Secretary, attended FFA State Convention, Camp Oswegatchie and has received FFA awards including Swine production, Goat Production, Chapter Discovery, Chapter Star Greenhand and Leadership. Out of all her accomplishments, her proudest achievements have been this week when she received Senior, Grand and Master Goat Showman and First Place First Year Heifer Showmanship.

Kristopher TeWinkle Memorial Award: Kristopher TeWinkle was a fine young man and dedicated citizen. He was a wonderful role model who died while serving his country in the U.S. Navy. He was the son of David and Linda TeWinkle of Clymer. He was a 4-H member for more than 10 years and enjoyed the hog project, entomology, cooking, sewing, presentations, numerous conservation activities and a variety of other projects. One of his most unique projects was raising Galerucella Beetles for the purpose of controlling Purple Loosestrife, a non-native, invasive plant species.

Tewinkle was a member of the 4-H Teen Ambassador Program, and also had the opportunity to participate in several award trips through 4-H. He will be fondly remembered as a role model, a leader and a friend. He was a 2000 graduate of Clymer Central School, and a 2004 graduate of Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in natural science. While at Cornell, he was a member of the Navy ROTC and on the day of his graduation from Cornell, he was commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Navy. He had completed part of his flight training in Pensacola, Fla., and had just been transferred to Norfolk, Va., for training on VAW-120. He enjoyed Civil War history, climbing, sailing, reading, and Cornell Hockey Games. At the age of 23, he was laid to rest in Holland Cemetery in Clymer with full military honors.

The Kris TeWinkle Memorial Award can be awarded to any Chautauqua County 4-H member, who is a graduating high school senior. Award recipients must embody the spirit of 4-H and make 4-H fun and enjoyable. Award recipients do not have to be college bound.

Nominees for the 2013 Kris TeWinkle Memorial Award are: Danielle Yotpolis, Kevin Gleason, Tony Paterniti and Emily Markham

This year’s Kris TeWinkle Memorial Scholarship Award recipient embraces every opportunity given to them with the attitude of “Making the Best Better” and uses the 4-H Way to show others how to do anything form Mannequin Modeling to working in the Snack Bar. This year’s recipient has been in 4-H for 10 years and has held many officer positions in their 4-H club. This recipient has been in the goat and hog projects and also has served as s Jr. Superintendent in the snack bar for 6 years, where this individual has earned the title of “Milk Shake King.” The recipient recently phoned home excited about getting a contract with Disney but then went on to express disappointment about missing the 4-H Jr. Superintendent meeting this year. This recipient always greets people with a smile and often has a story to tell. This year’s recipient will be attending Jamestown Business College in the fall with an offer to pursue his dream and join Disney in 2015. It was with great honor that the 2013 Kris TeWinkle Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kevin Gleason.

The Most Outstanding 4-H Junior Superintendent Award is sponsored by the 4-H Teen Ambassadors. This year’s award nominees are: Chris Ellis, Matthew Overend, Tim Manning, Joseph Thuman and Nicole Ewer.

The recipient of the Most Outstanding Junior Superintendent award this year has been a 4-H member for 6 years, is 15 years old and a 10th grade student at Pine Valley Central School. This individual has served as Jr. Superintendent in the Poultry Barn for 4 years and really enjoys helping younger 4-H members with their animals This individual also enjoys improving the public’s knowledge of poultry breeds. This year’s recipient has started raising his own breeding stock and wants to become a judge for the animals he raises. Congratulations to 2013’s Most Outstanding 4-H Junior Superintendent: Joseph Thuman.

The Most improved 4-H’er Award in memory of Robert Spinler Award is sponsored by the Fain Family of Bemus Point, NY. Robert Spinler was a long-time supporter of Chautauqua County 4-H. This award is presented annually at the County Fair Herdsman Award Ceremony and is given to the person chosen as the mst improved 4-H member from last year to this year.

This year’s nominees are: Robbie Clutter, Dustin Sheldon and Kaylee Sheldon.

This year’s Robert Spinler Award recipient has been in 4-H for 6 years and has been active in the Hog, Poultry, and Goat Projects. He attends PineValley and will be entering the 8th grade. He is active in football, basketball and baseball. While in the 4-H program, his biggest accomplishments have been raising a Grand Champion Market Goat, Grand Champion Phoenix Rooster, Grand Champion Chinese Goose and this year he earned Grand Champion Junior Showman. This individual has really come out of his shell this year, and stepped up to help others on show day, going above and beyond on barn chores and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. The 2013 Robert Spinler Most Improved 4-H member award goes to Robert Clutter.



1st- Levant Live Wires: Melanie Walters, Matthew Overend, Billy Eskeli; 2nd- ERK: Elizabeth Comstock, Rachel Harper, Kendra Dorman; 3rd- JOB: Jacob Lesch, Onnalee Strong, Braden Lesch; 4th- Cherry Creek Cornhuskers: Andrew Miller, Mackenzie Miller, Katelyn Miller

The top 10 Junior winners in the Livestock Judging Contest: 1st Steven Overend; 2nd Elizabeth Comstock; 3rd Jacob Lesch; 4th Onnalee Strong; 5th Bryanna Warner; 6th Braden Lesch; 7th Kayla Schauman; 8th Rachel Harper; 9th Riley Palmer; 10thTrey Hoyt

The top 10 Senior winners: 1st Kendra Dorman; 2nd Melanie Walters; 3rd Matthew Overend; 4th Kayla Nefedov; 5th Jordyn Majka; 6th Kayla Anderson; 7th Mackenzie Miller; 8th Abigail Jentzi; 9th Billy Eskeli; 10th Curt Schnars

4-H Members who will be aging out of the 4-H Program this year: Kyle Baggiano, Sarah Burgoon, Rachel Ecklund, Lindsey Falco, Kevin Gleason, Danyelle Harding, Anna Holthouse, Kyrria Huntington, Holly Lehman, Kelsey Neckers, Tony Paterniti, Mikayla Peterson, Curt Schnars, Kaylee Sheldon, Jacob Steinhoff, Mikaela Swanson, Kim Walker, and Danielle Yotpolis.

Barn Awards/ Herdsman – Each barn gives out awards to the youth who excel in their projects each year at Fair. Those results are as follows:

The Beef Barn recognized the following outstanding youth. Kaylee Sheldon was the Outstanding Senior Herdsman and Michael Johnson was the Outstanding Junior Herdsman. The Outstanding Junior Superintendent was Alyssa Crandall. Most Enthusiastic Senior was Alyssa Crandall, and Most Enthusiastic Junior was Jacob Lesch. The Distinguished Junior was Kayla Schauman. The Chautauqua Regional Community Foundation Scholarship (the Paul Briggs Beef Program Memorial Scholarship) went to Kim Walker.

The Horse Barn recognized their members. The outstanding Junior Herdsman was Cassidy Logan with the Outstanding Senior Herdsman Award going to Emily Swanson. Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman was Emily Markham. Carli Gifford won the Outstanding Walk-Trot Rider Award, while Carissa Peterson won the Outstanding Amateur Award. The Kathy Calanni Memorial Trophy for the High Point Dressage rider was presented to Kendra Hockran.

The Goat Barn recognized their 4-H youth: their Outstanding Junior Herdsman was Anna Talbot with the Outstanding Senior Herdsman Award going to Jacob O’Brien. The Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman was Nicole Ewer, and most helpful 4-Hr was Lindsey Bennett. The Goat Milking contest for Small Breed was won by Mikayla LaRoy, and the Milking Contest for Large Breed was won by Autumn Walker.

The Poultry Barn presented awards to project members. Emily Pflueger was the Outstanding Junior Herdsman with Derrick Becker being awarded the Outstanding Senior Herdsman Award. The Outstanding Junior Superintendent Award went to Joseph Thuman.

The Rabbit Barn recognized these members: Christopher King won the Outstanding Junior Herdsman, while Brooke Angelo was selected as the Outstanding Senior Herdsman. Most Improved member was Lacey Johnson, and Helping Hands Award went to Dominique Meinzer.

The Dairy Barn recognized youth for their outstanding efforts at the 2013 Fair: Outstanding Junior Herdsmen/Wheelbarrow Award was Austin Bratton, with the Outstanding Senior Herdsman/Wheelbarrow Award going to Hannah Bratton. The top 4-H member in the Open Class Barn was Owen Ward. The Ronald C. Brown Award went to Austin Bratton. The Glen Darling Memorial Award was given to Justin Dye. And the Brooks A Winton Memorial Award went to Cheyanne Wolcott. Best Junior Superintendent Award for the Dairy Barn went to Denton Holthous.

The Swine Barn awarded four youth with special recognition. The Outstanding Junior Herdsman was Zachary Wolcott and the Outstanding Senior Herdsman was Tony Paterniti. Madison Styers was the Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman. In the Skill a thon, Junior winner was Jacob Lesch with Kayla Anderson winning the Senior award. The Best Housekeeping awards went to Louis Smith, Tim Manning and Elizabeth Comstock.

The Sheep Barn presented Shepherd awards. The Helping Hands Award went to Dustin Sheldon. Steven Overend won the Outstanding Junior Shepherd Award, while Matthew Overend was the Outstanding Senior Shepherd. The Outstanding Junior Superintendent Shepherd was Lynanne Wooley. Rookie of the Year Award went to Riley Palmer and Outstanding Sheep 4-Her was Melanie Walters.

The Snack Bar: All the Junior Superintendents were recognized for their reliable help during the fair.

At the conclusion of the 2013 Herdsman Award Ceremony the 4 Hers were treated to an Ice Cream Social compliments of the 4-H Teen Ambassadors, followed by a movie night in the 4-H building.

Each year, as a celebration of the accomplishments of all the 4H youth members, a Herdsman’s dinner is sponsored by area businesses. This year’s dinner was prepared by: Weidner’s BBQ and Catering – a chicken dinner with corn on the cob. All participants enjoy this treat each year and look forward to a Sunday Dinner on the last day of the Chautauqua County Fair. This year’s Herdsman Dinner was sponsored by: Lake Shore Savings Bank, Add Lumber, Johnson-Mackowiak, Casale Plumbing, Larry Romance and Sons, Farm Credit East, Gramco Inc; Southern Tier Dairy Supply, Fieldbrook Foods and Jim and Sue Barber provided the corn. Thank you all for another wonderful Herdsman Dinner!

To join 4-H or for more information on any of the 4-H Projects contact the 4-H office at 664-9502.