Forestville Board of Education member resigns



OBSERVER Staff Writer

FORESTVILLE – There will be one less familiar face on the Forestville Board of Education shortly. Nancy Stock submitted her resignation letter at the August monthly meeting.

Since Stock said she did not want a cake, the board presented her with Hershey Kisses and a card. Board of Education President Sylvester Cleary said Stock was his mentor when he first joined the board.

“When I first came on the board, I asked you to be my mentor. I just want to thank you for all the direction you’ve given me and all the support. … You are a remarkable board person, a remarkable friend and one heck of an advocate for children. It has been my pleasure working with you,” Cleary said.

Carol Woodward, board member, said Stock has been “invaluable” to the board. She also thinks of Stock as more than just a fellow board member, but as a friend.

“It’s been such a pleasure. Now I can feel like she is my friend and fellow board member. Thank you for everything,” Woodward said.

Stock recalled her first board meeting in 2004. During that meeting, the board approved the hiring of Dan O’Connor as superintendent who was previously the elementary principal. She recalled wondering why the district did not conduct a search for a new candidate but praised O’Connor for his work as superintendent. Her second meeting, she recalled the hiring of current Elementary Principal Daniel Grande, who called her a “ray of light” when she comes into the elementary school.

“I was thinking back, my first board meeting was when we hired John (O’Connor). My second meeting was when we hired (Daniel Grande),” Stock said. “I will miss you guys.”

Superintendent Charles Leichner compared Stock’s support of the superintendent to the foundation of a house. He wanted to thank Stock for being supportive during her time on the board.

“The support of a quality board member for a superintendent is like the foundation of a house. … Nancy’s character has been a driving force in this school district through thick and thin over the last eight or 10 years,” said Leichner. “So much of what happens with kids is a direct result of how you shared your heart with us. We appreciate it … We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

The board of education did not make a decision about the vacancy left by Stock. Their next board meeting will be Sept. 5.

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