Portland paying too much for others


I feel that many in the town of Portland think that the drop in equalization rate from 62 percent to 54 percent has largely affected only residents living on or near the lake, residing in and paying Fredonia School District taxes. It is true that it has cost an increase of their tax bills a sum of over $80,000 in 2012, while other residents in the Fredonia School District saw an actual reduction in their bills.

However, this equalization rate has in fact cost all Portland residents more than $650,000 in extra school and county tax dollars. The money out of Portland pockets was at savings to residents in the surrounding towns who had to pay less.

What is going to happen next year?

Will our tax increase continue to grow beyond the $650,000 every year as the school and county budgets go up? Who is responsible? Do you care?

All town of Portland residents should be out in full force at the next meeting scheduled for Wednesday. The town officials are elected by us and should be held accountable. It just doesn’t make sense for us to be supporting residents outside of Portland with our tax dollars.