Persia discusses town-owned property

PERSIA – There have been questions raised about a town-owned parcel in the town of Persia. Councilwoman Gloria Tomaszewski brought up the matter at the August meeting.

The Planning and Zoning Board met recently and had questions about a parcel located on Point Peter Road in the town. The parcel is about 10 acres in size and the planning and zoning board had questions on the property being sold.

“The Planning and Zoning Board was wondering if there was any advantage to the town in keeping the land or maybe a possibility of having it up for sale,” Tomaszewski said.

The board also brought up another issue to Tomaszewski in regard to the land being not posted. If the land is not posted, there was a question if the town could be held liable if anyone were to get hurt on the premises.

“(The Planning and Zoning Board) also thought, it’s not posted to keep people out so there’s a possibility of liability if someone is on the property and gets hurt,” Tomaszewski said.

Councilman John Walgus said under conservation law, if someone were to come onto an unposted property, that party would be liable unless the property owner was considered negligent.

“If the property isn’t posted and somebody is there and they want to hunt anything that falls on your property, under environmental conservation law, you’re not liable,” Walgus said.

Supervisor Paula Schueler said she is in favor of not selling the property. Highway Superintendent Daniel Ackley said he enjoys having the property for the town to use for storage if needed. The town discussed using the parcel for potential harvesting of timber on the property. Ackley said there is only one way to go into and out of the property which may be difficult. The town board discussed having an outside consultant come in and survey the timber. The board will discuss the matter further at its next board meeting on Sept. 12.