Board to look into resident’s Main concern

SILVER CREEK – The Hanover Town Board Mon-day answered several residents’ concerns at its meeting.

Pauline Fox, longtime resident of Main Road in Irving, attended the town board meeting for a second time to complain that her road is being called “Old Main Road” on the Internet and it has caused confusion locally.

She said she has received mail, including her vote notification, addressed to Old Main Road and said it is dangerous for residents to not know what to call the road they live on.

“It could be disastrous,” Fox said. “What does 9-1-1 know the road as? I have talked to the fire chiefs and they want answers.”

Fox presented the board with printouts of online maps where the road is listed as both names.

Todd Johnson said the town board would see what it could do to right the matter.

The board also took a question from a Bennett State Road property owner who wanted a waterline run from the water main to his property.

Water Operator Walter Uhlendorff explained the water district cuts Bennett State Road down the middle and the west side is considered out of district. He added several years ago the board created a policy not to add any new out-of-district customers.

Uhlendorff said being close to a water line and out of district is not a new problem in the town. Johnson asked Uhlendorff and Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro to look into the matter and said it may come to the process of extending the district which includes a petition and several other steps.

The board authorized the advertisement of bids for two tandem axle trucks and two dump truck bodies with pumps and valves to be opened Aug. 23. The cost of these items will be funded by the highway equipment capital reserve fund, which makes the purchase of the items subject to permissive referendum.

Legislator George Borrello announced he was able to submit a consolidated funding application to the state regional economic councils for dredging of several areas including Cattaraugus Creek. He explained, the larger the project the more attractive the application. He also said with the application they hope to piggyback off Barcelona Harbor’s scheduled dredging in 2014.

“It costs $50,000 just to get this equipment in the water believe it or not,” he said.

Borrello could not say when they would know if the application had been awarded but said he is hopeful based on the specifics in the application and the strong letters of support from State Senator Catharine Young, the county and the Lake Erie Management Commission.

The board also accepted the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Larry Lazarczyk and hired Brandyn Griewisch to the part-time laborer position at a rate of $13.50 per hour.

The board will next meet on Aug. 26.