Twenty years ago – 1993

On the morning of Aug. 12, Jacob Bush, son of Store Manager Ken Bush, cut the ribbon to officially open the new Kmart at 3901 Vineyard Drive. Assisting him were Marian Anderson and Charles St. George, representing the senior citizens of Fredonia and Pomfret. The money decorating the official ribbon (totaling $1,000) was donated by Kmart to the Fredonia-Pomfret Senior Citizens Center.

Thirty years ago – 1983

A truck owned by United Sales & Leasing Co. of Dunkirk has been named territory winner in Cummins Engine Company’s “Longest Running Cummins Engine Contest.” The truck is a 1950 Autocar powered by a 6-cylinder Cummins HRB-600 diesel engine. The unit is still in use as a yard tractor for switching trailers at a local manufacturing facility. The contest commemorates 50 years of Cummins Diesels in the trucking industry.

Forty years ago – 1973

Herbert A. Hooke of Australia, a first-time visitor to the United States, is currently visiting his niece and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Clement S. Banach, 112 Otter St., Dunkirk.

Fifty years ago – 1963

Donald A. Wise, 28, of Center Road, Arkwright was the grand winner of the Ohio State Gladiolus Society Flower Show. Mr. Wise raised the prize-winning hybrid gladiolus himself, naming it “Fredonia.”