Ken Fradin to appear on ‘Chautauqua People’

Ken Fradin will be the next person featured on the new Access Channel 5 program called “Chautauqua People,” which debuted in July. The program will air on at 12:30 and 6:30 p.m. each day beginning Saturday with the last airing on Aug. 23.

Fradin was born and raised in Buffalo and attended Bennett High School. He entered the University of Buffalo in 1943 and was pulled out during his freshman year for military service in World War II. After training he was deployed to Germany, and because he spoke German was transferred from the Rhineland to Berlin in July 1945 and assigned to the Military Government Headquarters.

He returned to Buffalo after military service, graduating from the University of Buffalo and Harvard Law School. He subsequently practiced law in Buffalo, during which time he built and operated Darien Lake.

After selling Darien Lake he came to Chautauqua for the first time in July 1962. He purchased the Viehe-Hagen-Paris cottage in 1965, and is generally recognized as the first Jewish homeowner on the grounds. His first full-season at Chautauqua Institution was 1972.

Fradin was on the task force that wrote the first architectural land-land use regulations, and served on the Institution’s Board of Trustees from 1985-1989.

In 2008 he was the first speaker at the Everett Jewish Life Center and spoke about the Jewish presence at Chautauqua over five decades.

He hopes to be remembered for his role in changing the text of the Chautauqua Mission Statement calling for greater openness, and instituting discussions leading to the real estate transfer fee which now helps to guarantee maintenance of Chautauqua Institution’s physical facilities.

Fradin will be interviewed by “Chautauqua People” Producer, John Viehe, a member of the Chautauqua Institution Board of Trustees. Dr. Viehe teaches psychology at Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C., during the academic year.