Scores: New standard will take time

There was nothing impressive about last week’s elementary and middle school scores for English Language Arts and mathematics in our region.

Overall, schools in our area struggled to reach scores of 3 and 4 – those achieving levels that are satisfactory or better on their grade level. The movement toward tougher testing is better known in the state education world as the common core. And while the results were disappointing, educational leaders did not have high expectations.

“These results in many ways are not a surprise,” King told reporters on a conference call from New York City.

Only in eighth grade did Chautauqua County score over 30 percent – 32.1 percent – on English Language Arts. In math, the results worsened as grade level increased.

There is a lot of work to be done. To be fair, all area educators are still coming to grips with the change.

If you want a real indication of just how much of a struggle the test change is, some top-performing Buffalo-suburban schools barely hit 50 percent in scores of 3 and 4.

Expectations are rising in education – and with it, a new standard of excellence. Meeting that standard, however, will take more time.