Silver Creek board receives updates

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Board of Education received several updates at its meeting Wednesday.

Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich updated the board on the district’s capital project. He said despite the apparent turmoil outside the building and in the hallways, almost all projects are on schedule.

“A lot of work is still going on but everything being worked on is on-time with the exception of the pool. That is expected to take several days past the Aug. 16 deadline,” he said.

Ljiljanich said the tentative completion date for the pool is Aug. 21, which will not affect the district’s swim team that is shared with Fredonia, but may affect community swim.

The board also briefly discussed the districts ELA and math state assessment scores. The board previously discussed the scores at greater length at its board retreat Saturday, where it analyzed the data and made goals based on that data.

Ljiljanich said it is too soon to tell what the scores mean, because it is the first year of common core testing there is nothing to compare the results to.

“State Education Commissioner (John) King has said this year’s assessments will be a baseline for future testing. We saw significant drops in proficiency as a result of the common core learning standards being rolled out by the state as the year went on,” he said. “What we gained most from the assessments was what common score skills we are most proficient in and what we need to work on as a district, as teachers and as individual students.”

Ljiljanich added that teachers and principals in the district worked very hard last year to implement the common core as it was being released by the state, which should help them this year when the common core standards for the elementary level are tentatively set to be completed.

A letter from Commis-sioner King is posted on the school’s website,, and Ljiljanich said the district’s scores will also be posted.

The board also discussed its Academic Intervention Services plan during its workshop. Ljiljanich said the plan was developed so that the process and plan for AIS is formalized in the district.

President Martha Howard suggested that exit from AIS be based more on a “competence level” than on getting a 65.

“Sixty-five seems really low. What is the difference really between a 64 and a 65?” she asked. “I think that could have helped students that were one question away from a 3 on the assessments.”

Board Member Marjorie Foxton suggested more parental involvement to help with student achievement.

Ljiljanich said he would look into both suggestions.

The next board meeting will be held Aug. 28.