Ingersoll family reunites at South Dayton playground

The 38th Cora and Tilden Ingersoll reunion was held August 10, 2013 at the South Dayton playground. The Janet Butcher family hosted the event. Attending were 70 family members and three guests. Lawrence Ingersoll said a prayer before the picnic lunch.

Family pictures were taken and games were played. Kickball, Dodge Ball, face painting and crafts were led by Cheryl Bagais’ children.

President Marilyn Butcher called the meeting to order and Secretary Pat Bromley read the minutes from last year. An update of family was reported as two deaths, one marriage, four births. A quilt was made by Patty Pickup and signed by members. Violet Pickup won the quilt. A White Elephant sale for adults and children was conducted by Brittany Merrill.

The oldest member was Clyde Butcher from Alden, N.Y. and the youngest was Cora Ann Merrill and twins boys Bentley Lee and Riley Thomas Brisley. Family members traveled from Kingman, Ariz. Ohio and Florida as well as from local areas.

The next reunion will be held Aug. 9, 2014 hosted by the Alberta Fritts family. It will again be held at the South Dayton playground.