Take control and give yourself credit

I came across a poem I wrote about my hands. I was sitting on the couch one day and I noticed my hands. I was shocked! These were the hands of an old lady! And then the words just came to me. This was another shock, as I am not a poet, but it’s the thought that counts, so here goes:

Look at These Hands

How can it be?

Where was I that I did not see

these hands belong to me?

Look at the red,

look at the brown,

look at the wrinkles that can be found.

How could it be these hands belong to me?

Look at these hands,

and what do they say?

Have they seen pain, sorrow or joy?

How many hours of work

did they employ?

Was it drudgery, grief or pain?

Or was it service with joy and gain?

Yeah, Lord, thank you for the hours

these hands have had

to serve you and others

and make you both glad.

Thank you for these hands

that are not smooth or fine.

I thank you for these hands

covered with line after line.

For hands tell a story

and I must thank you, Lord,

that my hands are filled with

line after line.

It’s hard to believe I wrote that. Did it surprise you, too?

I just thought of something that made me laugh. My legs are covered with veins. I haven’t been able to decipher them yet! Ha! You see, you can learn to laugh at anything when you learn to laugh at yourself first.

Before I sign off I want to talk to people who are depressed or bored. Do you find yourself lazy, lifeless, or uncaring? This cannot be allowed! Make a new pattern. First, take a shower, put on makeup if you like and wear one of your favorite outfits.

Have you eaten yet? You have choices. Either eat at home, or if you have money to do it, go eat in some busy place with people around you. Find a friend or make one. Tell her or him I sent you. Then take it from there.

Once you get back home, straighten up the house. Physical clutter weighs you down mentally. Do some laundry. Take them out of the dryer just before they’re dry and hang them up before they wrinkle. Touch them up with an iron if you need to.

Put on the television or some music. Call a friend or a family member to chat. Be active.

Don’t forget to eat supper. Be sure to have a slice or two of bread every day. It’s good brain food!

Go to bed when you’re sleepy. Thank God for the good day you had, and make a plan for tomorrow. Just remember, if you do something for 21 consecutive days, you will form a new habit. Be faithful and count your blessings. Let me know if you need encouragement. Just remember, it’s the start and the continuation that makes the difference, but you alone need to make that start. It can even be a small start. And like yourself for it! Put a smile on your face. You’ll be surprised at the changes in your life. And you know what? Call me up and tell me how much happier you are, because it will rub off on me!

Have a great life!

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments to lifestyles@observertoday.com