Region’s ‘blessing’ keeps giving


As a member of the Federal Great Lakes Council, I want to first say “Thank You” to our mayor, A.J. Dolce, all council members, and a special thank you to our state senator, Cathy Young, for her concern through our state’s EPA under the state’s Clean Water Act. Also thank you to our U.S. Senator Charles Schumer for his concern for Lake Erie throughout the coast of our New York state!

As we know, our NRG plant and our Dunkirk Water Filtration plant are both “I cans” for our city of Dunkirk. Isn’t it ironic, they sit side by side on our lakefront? Also, both being our only and main industry, and are now in jeopardy to survive?

Our Lake Erie is a blessing to all of us. First of all, we need water to survive in life, recreation for all, for our beaches, underwater diving, boating, especially our fishing tournaments, that came from all over the states, especially Wisconsin! This has been going on for 20 years, celebrating this year!

And again, we say, we need our city of Dunkirk to become our regional fresh drinking water source to all the connecting towns, villages, where wells, may be low on water or polluted. And one more plea, please continue to get to the right people in reopening our Dunkirk Train Depot, which will be so crucial to tourism, our Incubator project on Central Avenue, our food plants, even a dog food plant which has all kinds of foods for animals of all kinds. Our ice cream plant, and most of all our grape industry plants which are noted through all our states! And even out of our country as exports!

They all use water, from our Dunkirk station or plant! Thank you to all and God bless!