Sale opponents driven by ‘fear’


The legislators who voted not to sell the County Home appear sincere in their convictions, but their inability to be intellectually honest is on display.

Timothy Hoyer (Jamestown) states “(There are) no benefits to the county if the County Home is sold, and no recognizable tax savings.”

I can think of over 16 million reasons. Our county will be $16.5 million richer. In addition our county should experience lower taxes after this item is removed.

Hoyer continues, “History shows that when you have one person that owns it and another to run it, you can’t hold anyone accountable.” May I ask who is currently and effectively holding the County Home accountable for substantial, annual losses?

May I ask who is currently and effectively holding the County Home accountable for its below average performance? History shows that when the government tries to run something, there is unnecessary overhead, a pattern of inefficiency and little effective accountability.

Thomas DeJoe of Brocton of is quoted as saying “If the County Home were sold, the county would be losing a substantial amount of money.”

What kind of math is Mr. DeJoe using? The county would be $16.5 million richer. The county would no longer be losing money each year on the Home. If the $560,000 that was spent last year by the County Home within Chautauqua County for services are competitive and essential, then Mr. DeJoe has nothing to worry about.

Robert Whitney of Jamestown has the wrong priorities when he concludes, “(My) decision boils down to the benefits that will be offered to employees.” Shouldn’t the deciding factor be who can best achieve a five-star rating while at the same time decreasing the tax burden?

It seems to me the primary reason why many well-meaning people are opposed to selling the County Home is a fear of change. We do not need leaders in our Legislature who base decisions on fear.

We need leaders in our Legislature who are intellectually honest with themselves and challenge their constituents to not give place to fear.

I cannot hold Mr. DeJoe, Mr. Hoyer, or Mr. Whitney accountable for their intellectual dishonesty. However, I can do my part to hold my Legislator, Bob Scudder, from Fredonia, accountable. Our county needs leaders who are intellectually honest.

Dan George is a Fredonia resident.