Twenty years ago — 1993

Former Fredonia resident Robert Suggett recently received a medal 51 years after the incident for which he was honored. The medal, which honored his heroic efforts against the German attack on Russia during World War II, was engraved with the signature of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and was accompanied by an invitation to meet with the Russian leader in Moscow. Mr. Suggett will always be remembered as one of the most decorated World War II servicemen in New York state.

Thirty years ago – 1983

“The Electric Ice Company,” the professional skating company rehearsing at Fredonia State, has set a London box office record three weeks before its opening performance. An elated Robin Cousins and former Canadian champion Brian Pokar, received word at the college ice arena that first day box office sales had exceeded all previous London West End theatre district records for single day sales. Cousins praised the staff at Fredonia State for all the assistance the group has received.

Forty years ago – 1973

John Balon, Silver Creek Festival of Grapes committee president, announced that Jean Valvo, first vice president, has charge of the headquarters while fourth vice president, James Everhardt, has charge of the equestrian parade.

Fifty years ago – 1963

The Rev. Basil Cavanaugh C.P., has been installed as pastor at St. Mary’s Monastery Church on Washington Avenue in Dunkirk, following a testimonial before church trustees Daniel F. Kane and John H. Schilling.