Give employer some relief

It is not easy doing business in New York state. Constant tax increases, a harsh business climate and increasing fees keep many entities away from upstate if they have not fled already.

So it is not a surprise that ConAgra, which owns Carriage House, is seeking a reduction in its assessment from the town of Pomfret. All those taxing entities this business owes on an annual basis are far from forgiving. Fredonia has raised taxes and fees on a regular basis. Pomfret has increased its taxes as well as the county and school.

There have been no breaks for Carriage House while all entities of government have continued to increase spending at rapid rates.

In September, village officials admitted concerns regarding the companies’ future. Though still in operation, Fredonia’s plant did not receive the same fate as Carriage House properties in Dunkirk and Silver Creek. While Petri’s has closed its doors, Dunkirk’s operation was severely downsized.

During the time of uncertainty, village officials requested a meeting with top Carriage House officials to do what they could to keep the company here. We are quite certain those officials did not tell the village to continue to increase taxes and water rates to secure its future.

Fredonia, as is often the case, put its interests first again in its last budget plan almost as if to ignore the Carriage House worries.

Now the company is seeking a reduction in its assessment. While the town oversees this aspect, one would think this option needs strong consideration.

Threats of the company leaving seem to dissipated for now. Not granting the reduction, however, could negatively impact future considerations made by the company.

Of course, the current practice of constant higher taxes and fees won’t help either.