Barmore announces ‘Did You Know’ awareness campaign

Chautauqua County Clerk candidate Larry Barmore has launched his “Did You Know” awareness campaign aimed to inform the public about what the County Clerk does and the services the office provides.

“In speaking with people, I realized many aren’t sure what the County Clerk actually does. Most people know the County Clerk runs the DMV offices but aside from that, people don’t realize how the work in that office affects all of us daily. From credit report issues to Supreme and County court issues to business certificates and more,” said Barmore. “We’re asking the public to elect someone for a job, and I hope they make their decision by treating it like a job interview. They can’t do that if they don’t know what the job entails.”

In addition, Barmore said the “Did You Know” campaign will help inform the public about the services available to them through the County Clerk’s office and ease some confusion over what the office does and does not handle.

“For example, some of the most frequent calls to the County Clerk’s office are for copies of birth certificates or marriage licenses. Both of those are handled by the town or city clerks, not the County Clerk,” Barmore said. “The “Did You Know” awareness campaign will address a lot of those issues and also hopefully promote County Clerk and DMV services. In the DMV, every time someone mails their registration renewal back to the state, or renews online, our county loses out on revenue. That issue will be another one addressed more fully.”

“Did You Know” facts will be posted weekly on the Larry Barmore for County Clerk Facebook page. Facts will include a brief overview of some of the services provided by the County Clerk, historical facts and information that will assist the public in utilizing the services.

“By launching the “Did You Know” series on the Larry Barmore for County Clerk Facebook page, I can provide brief overviews of a lot of information without overwhelming the media, and readers can ask questions if they want more information. It’s both informative and interactive,” Barmore said. “So far, the Facebook page has seen quite a bit of activity and support. I think it’s a great way to connect with people across Chautauqua County.”