88th Glasier family reunites at Stockton Firemen’s Grounds

STOCKTON – The 88th annual Glasier reunion was held Sunday, Aug. 4 at the Stockton Firemen’s Grounds.

The event was opened with a prayer by the Rev. Cliff Cliver before a pot-luck luncheon.

There were 52 family members and one guest present. President Tim Dailey presided over the meeting.

Sandy Cliver, secretary/treasurer, passed around her reports, an address sheet for additions/corrections and a sign-in sheet.

A moment of silence was observed for a family member who died last year. No marriages or births were reported. A correction to the 2012 minutes has been noted: Jason Trippe was vice president for 2013.

Prizes were given to the following individuals: Ken Wise, oldest male at the reunion; Fannie Graham, oldest female at the reunion; Tim Dailey of New Jersey, person who traveled the farthest to get to the reunion; Dick and Pat Glasier, persons with the most children/grandchildren present; Chloe Trippe, youngest person at the reunion; Pat Wise, attended the most Glasier reunions; Cindy Elliott, born on March 17, person with the birthday closest to March 3; Tim Shapter, person attending the reunion for the first time; Kevin Glasier with 14 pennies, person who had the most pennies; George Gens, who has lived in his home for 61 years, person who had lived in his or her home the longest; Lena Elliott, Jim Cliver, Rev. Cliff Cliver and Sandy Cliver, persons who attended church services the week before, day before or day of the reunion; Dan and Lena Elliott, who traveled to Colorado, people who traveled the farthest in the last year; Megan McKane, who moved one month ago, person who moved most recently; Dick Glasier, person whose outfit showed the most buttons; and Lisa Glasier, for exercising the most (3 to 5 times per week).

Jason Trippe encouraged individuals to put email addresses on the sign-up sheet. He will contact family members to help him construct a family tree.

Those present voted to bring back the “White Elephant Sale” for next year. Family members should bring wrapped White Elephant items to next year’s reunion. If an item is for male or female use only, it should be marked as such. Items can be useful ones from around the home or they can be new.

The group would like to thank Pat Glasier for cold beverages and Pat Wise for coffee. There were no games this year for children, but the group thanks Fannie Graham for bringing gifts for the children.

For 2014, the reunion will be held again at the Stockton Firemen’s Grounds. The president will be Tim Dailey, vice president will be Jason Trippe and secretary/treasurer will be Sandy Cliver. Pat Glasier will bring cold beverages. Pat Wise will bring coffee. Fannie Graham will bring hot dogs. Kathy Trippe will bring things to entertain the children.

A video of past reunions dating back to 1950 was enjoyed by the family members. They enjoyed getting to see family members who are now deceased and they had a good time reminiscing about past events.

Some family members played croquet.

A hat was passed around for donations to cover the costs of the reunion.