Carl-Vincent Club holds picnic at Russell Joy Park in Fredonia

On Aug. 4, over 50 people attended the summer picnic of The Carl-Vincent Club and its Auxiliary at Russell Joy Park in Fredonia.

This marked the first time in many years that group gathered for what was an annual summer ritual. Originally started as the Sigma Phi Delta fraternity at Fredonia High School in 1937, it was reorganized as The Carl-Vincent Club in 1947. The club was named after two fraternity members, Carl “Bill” Schibetta and Vincent Manzella, who were killed defending their country in WWII. The Auxiliary was formed in 1952.

Members brought along various pieces of memorabilia that included many photos and articles of past events, along with the life vest of Vincent Manzella that was found last September near Dayton, Ohio. Club and auxiliary members in attendance were: Chuck & Sylvia Schibetta, Joe & Stella Granata, Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Leone, Paul LoPresto, Bob Manzella, Phyllis Laurito, Marilyn Siracuse Richmond, Phyllis Siracuse, Mary Notaro, Marie DeCeilio, Kay Coniglio, Katherine Coniglio, Caroline Coniglio and Rose Crise. Many children, grandchildren and even one great grandchild of the members attended the picnic. Special guests included Bill, Debra & Angelo Schibetta, Florine & Richard Barone, Carm Johnson and Town Justice David Prince. Bill Schibetta was named after his great Uncle Carl “Bill” Schibetta.

Mrs. Phyllis Laurito and Ray Coniglio co-chaired the event planning. The picnic was sponsored by the “Friends of Little Italy” and was free of charge to the attendees. Many thanks for their very generous contribution. The group is planning another gathering sometime in 2014. The Carl-Vincent photo book and many other photos from the Club and Auxiliary history past and present can be found at: