Hanover districts change

HANOVER – Although the legislative and election districts in Hanover are changing, a lot will remain the same for residents.

In the past, Hanover was split into two legislative districts; four in the north and five in the south. After redistricting, the town will be one singular district, now called six.

“Hanover was previously represented by two legislators. It will now be one legislative district,” Democratic Election Commissioner for Chautauqua County Norman Green said.

According to the board of elections’ website, Legislator George Borrello will be running unopposed for the new district six seat.

The redistricting has also changed the election districts within the town. Hanover was previously made up of eight election districts for both its previous legislative districts. The town will now have five election districts.

Green said this will not change where residents vote.

“The election districts in Hanover have been combined, but voting will still take place at all the same places as before. For instance, there used to be three election districts in Silver Creek. Now there are two, but they will still vote at Mt. Carmel Church,” he said.

The village of Silver Creek will now encompass election districts one on the southwestern side and two on the northeastern side. Both districts in the village vote at Mt. Carmel auditorium at 165 Central Ave.

Election district three includes Sunset Bay, Irving and juts out into the town along Hanford Road, out to the intersection of Hanover Road and the Thruway. This district includes Holmes, Beebe and Spears roads and Alleghany Road to the Thruway. These residents vote at the Goodell Building at 12847 Erie Street, Irving.

Election district number four fills the gap between Silver Creek and Sunset Bay and includes Hanford Bay and extends out into the town to King Road.

All residents north of King Road, including Angell, Stebbins, Christy and parts of Alleghany, Dennison and Bennett State roads are included in district four. These residents will vote at the Silver Creek Central School on 1 Dickinson St.

The southern half of the town, below King Road, including the village of Forestville, is now election district five. All of these residents will vote at the Forestville Municipal Building at 18 Chestnut St.

These new districts and polling places will be in effect for the Nov. 5 general election.

There will not be a primary on Sept. 10 in the town of Hanover because no elections are contested.

Two town board seats are up for election, which are currently held by Kevin O’Connell and Fritz Seegert. Running for election are O’Connell (D, W, I) and Bernard Feldmann Jr. (R, C, I)The town justice position is also up for election and incumbent Justice Richard Saletta (R, C)is running against Democrat-nominated Edward Schintzius.

To view the legislative or election district maps, a list of polling places, search where you vote, find a list of candidates and more, go to to view the county board of elections website.