Green light given to begin Peerless Street Bridge work

BROCTON – Further developments with the long-closed Peerless Street Bridge being revamped will depend on the seasons, according to Portland town officials.

During the recent monthly council meeting, Town Supervisor Dan Schrantz reported to the council, “Everything has been approved and is ready to go. The problem is, if we order the bridge now, it will probably come in around December. We’ll have to talk with E & M, but probably the best thing would be to put the road in up to the bridge this year, then order and put in the bridge as the weather breaks.”

Portland Highway Supervisor Chuck Kelley also noted at the meeting that a deterrent to receiving the bridge before it is ready to be installed is, “It can’t be set on bare ground.”

The council approved two resolutions relating to the bridge: a storm water pollution prevention plan and notice of intent; and an environmental assessment form accepting the findings of a negative SEQR declaration.

The town supervisor is now in the process of receiving and reviewing price quotes for materials relating to the project as the new budget seasons nears.

The bridge, built in 1954 has been closed since September 2011 following a “structural red flag” rating issued by the Department of Transportation. Since its closing, officials in Brocton and Portland have been working with county and state officials to find the best solution for the bridge’s future.

Council also discussed the closing of two railroad crossings in the town as it relates to residents along Peerless Street, who have a sizeable detour to take should railroad crossings at Central Avenue be closed for any reason. The town is currently seeking greater lead time from railroad officials in the event that crossings need to be shut for any reason. Remarkably, the bridge suffered no reported damage during damaging floods that left disrepair throughout Brocton and Portland in July.